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Beatles Online - Do you love The Beatles? This ring has sites by people who love The Beatles, or are interested in the musical style

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Beatles Online

Manager: peterwesternuk
Do you love The Beatles? Then this ring is for you! Anyone who loves The Beatles, or is interested in the musical style of The Beatles is invited to join this Webring! Pages must include a good portion of Beatles or solo Beatles content to be included in the ring.

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Movie Review: Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed - 09/27/2013 Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed By Fionnuala Halligan 25 September, 2013 Dir/scr: David Trueba. Spain. 2013. 108mins Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed (Vivir es fácil con ojos cerrados) isn’t the catchiest title, but it comes from John Lennon`s enigmatic Strawberry Fields which, like the film, once played is not easily forgotten. David Trueba`s film uses the singer-songwriter’s 1966 visit to Spain, when he shot a film in Almeria, considered leaving The Beatles, and started composing the song, as a backdrop to a tender, comedic, coming-of-age story which bristles with poignant references to the lingering effects of Spain’s dictatorship. David Trueba, younger brother of Oscar-winner and musical producer Fernando, continues to examine Spain’s sensitive past after the Goya-winning  Soldiers of Salamina, set during the Civil War. Thirty years have passed, and Spaniards are living uneasily under Franco’s rule: Living Is Easy’s attractive, pastel period settings and accomplished comedic notes dress a bittersweet sadness which may well see the film into the international art house arena. At home, success seems assured and leading the charge is Javier Camara, in a role which may finally lead Spain`s national treasure into wider recognition overseas. He`s always been a spirited, magnetic presence and a huge draw in Spain with repeat appearances in Almodovar films and the domestic smash Torremolinos 73. Here, as a primary school teacher who is obsess...

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