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Beatles Online - Do you love The Beatles? This ring has sites by people who love The Beatles, or are interested in the musical style

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Beatles Online

Manager: peterwesternuk
Do you love The Beatles? Then this ring is for you! Anyone who loves The Beatles, or is interested in the musical style of The Beatles is invited to join this Webring! Pages must include a good portion of Beatles or solo Beatles content to be included in the ring.

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Paul McCartney fields fan questions on Twitter - 10/04/2013 Paul McCartney fields fan questions on Twitter Brian Mansfield, Special for USA TODAY October 3, 2013 Paul McCartney held his first Twitter interview Thursday, spending an hour fielding questions about his upcoming album and other topics. He began an hour late, starting by telling a questioner why he named his forthcoming album New: "I was playing around with more poetic titles but New was a simple word and the name of a song on the album." New, McCartney's first album of new original material in six years, will be released Oct. 15 in the USA. The album was produced by Mark Ronson, Paul Epworth, Ethan Johns and Giles Martin, the son of Beatles producer George Martin. McCartney called both generations of Martins "very musical and smart," while adding that "Giles comes from a younger generation and has a more contemporary approach." Pressed to describe New in one word, the former Beatle picked "fresh." McCartney also said he was particularly proud of a song called Early Days, as well as a hidden track on the album called Scared. He wrote another, Everybody Out There, to "get the audience singing along." Some questions got technical, like the one about what strings he uses on his Hofner 500/1 bass guitar. Those would be flatwound, .95 gauge strings. Other questions were more general, like what three words he'd use to describe his fans: "Fan-Bloody-Tastic." He told another Twitter follower that he's motivated to keep producing music by "a love of what I do." Whe...

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